Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin Finally Meet on Valentine’s Day as Smart GigaLife 5G Endorsers

Last year – 2020, Smart Communications officially unveiled both Korean stars
Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin as the company’s international celebrity endorsers,
albeit on separate occasions.

Hyun Bin’s Smart endorsement was announced on June 1, 2020 while Son Ye-Jin
was introduced as the newest face of Smart on August 3, 2020.

Today, February 14, 2021 – Valentine’s Day, as a treat for all of their
fans, Smart Communications released a new commercial entitled “Inevitable”,
which features both Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin together in promoting Smart
GigaLife, Powered by Smart 5G!

Hyun Bin Son Ye-Jin Smart 5G

In the TVC, which shows both “Crash Landing on You” actors wanting to see
each other but never quite meeting as they are in different locations, Son
Ye-Jin asked, “What do you do when what you desire is beyond reach?”

Hyun Bin answered, “You use power that breaks barriers. Speed at the palm of
your hands. Smart GigaLife.”

“Now in 5G,” Son Ye-Jin added.

Hyun Bin Son Ye-Jin Smart 5G

As soon as she said that, their virtual divide was broken and they finally
came face to face with each other.

Hyun Bin asked while reaching out to Son Ye-Jin, “Do you believe this is

And she answered, “I do.”

Hyun Bin Son Ye-Jin Smart 5G

“How do you know?” Hyun Bin replied.

And they both wrapped up the video ad by saying: “Simple. Smart Ako.

Talk about serving Major Kilig to CLOY fans on Valentine’s Day! Thanks, Smart!

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