Marshall Major IV Review : Iconic Wireless Headphones For You and The Music Lover in Your Life

Is your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband quite techy and you’re
currently looking for a good gadget apart from the usual smartphone or
laptop to gift him or her this love month or anytime soon?

Well, if he or she is also an audiophile or someone who loves listening to
music, then you might want to check out and get the all-new
Marshall Major IV Wireless Headphones which currently has a promo
price of only PHP 7,680 at Beyond the Box, Digital Walker,
HomeOffice.PH, as well as the Marshall Authorized Store at Lazada and

As many of you know Marshall is the arguably the most iconic brand
of audio products and it has been the preferred brand of many of music’s
greatest icons including
Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Eddie Van Halen, among many others.
Here in the Philippines, some artists who are known to support Marshall
include Ebe Dancel and Mark Escueta of Rivermaya.

If you want you and your loved one to experience the stellar audio quality
that these icons enjoy on a Marshall device – even if just a taste of it, I
suggest you invest in this pair of headphones. It’s also a great way to
elevate and enhance your music-listening experience anytime, anywhere.

Marshall Major IV is the latest iteration to the company’s very
popular and highly loved line of Bluetooth headsets that feature the brand’s
iconic look and industry-leading sound quality.

Marshall Major IV Features

Unboxing and Package Content

Marshall Major IV comes in a black-and-grey box that features the image of the
handset on top and a list of its key features printed at the bottom.

Removing the outer sleeve, you will be greeted by the device itself that’s
neatly folded in its collapsible form as shown in the image below.

Marshall Major IV Philippines

The official and authentic retail package comes with the Marshall Major IV
headset unit, the Quick Start Guide, the Legal and Safety Information booklet,
the 3.5mm Audio Cord, and the USB Type C charging cable.

Marshall Major IV Unboxing

The package doesn’t come with a travel charger so you’d have to use the one
for your Apple iPhone or Android smartphone to charge this pair of headphones.

Please note that there are lots of dupes and knock-offs of Marshall
headphones which are very cheap but they don’t really deliver the iconic
sound that the genuine article delivers. Kindly check out the images above
to know how the original packaging looks so you won’t be tricked into buying
a fake product.

Marshall Major IV Wireless Headset

Classic Look and Collapsible Design

My Marshall Major IV has a so-black colorway with hints of white and gold,
reminiscent of the design of Marshall’s legendary speakers and amplifiers.

The ear cups, cushion, hinge pair, and band trimming are black and all of them
have a luxurious finish that altogether exudes an air of understated elegance.

Marshall Major IV Philippines

I particularly like the pebbled leather finish of the headband and the matte
black paintjob on the metal hinges. It has a rocker vibe but at the same time,
it looks so high-end.

Marshall Major IV Collapsible Design

What’s amazing is that Marshall Major IV has a collapsible design that
makes it easier to keep in the bag and carry around. You can fold the ear
cups inwards around the hinge area into the headband as shown in the photo
Apart from making the device more compact for portability, this also helps
protect the ear cushion when you put the headphones in your bag along with
other items.

Multi-Directional Control Knob

Marshall Major IV Wireless Headset Control Knob

Instead of having so many hardware buttons that can be confusing to use and
can make the design look cluttered, Marshall Major IV has a singular metal
control knob that has great functionality. You just need to long press on it
to turn on the headphones and to start pairing mode, move up or down to
increase or decrease volume, or move left or right to go to the previous or
the next track. It’s so easy and intuitive to use. Plain genius.

Fall in Love With Your Favorite Songs… Again

Marshall Major IV Review

The first music track that I played on my Marshall Major IV headset is
Madonna‘s live performance of “Ray of Light” from LIVE8 in
2005 — and I tell you, it made me fall in love with that rendition all over
again. I think the best thing about this pair of headphones is that it makes
you appreciate songs in a different light, allowing you to enjoy every
instrument and the overall production like you never did before.

According to Marshall, Major IV’s custom-tuned drivers let you experience
roaring bass, smooth mids, and brilliant trebles for rich and unrivaled sound
that you wouldn’t want to turn off. It’s true. They were 100% honest in saying

80+ Hours of Music Playback Uptime

The predecessor to this model, the Marshall Major III only had around 30 hours
of battery life. On the other hand, Marshall Major IV comes with a vastly
improved 80+ hours of uptime, letting you listen to your favorite songs for
three days straight without having to charge again! Talk about being the
perfect music-listening companion on short trips out of town or abroad.

Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity

Marshall Major IV supports Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity which is more stable and
energy-efficient than previous versions. To be specific, it delivers up to
four times the range, twice the connection speed, and eight times the
bandwidth of Bluetooth 4.2. Hence, even if you’re moving from room to room
around your house and your smartphone is away from your or not in your pocket,
you won’t experience stuttering or dropped connection when listening to your
fave tracks.

Wireless Charging Support

Not only does the Marshall Major IV let you enjoy music without wires but it
can also be charged wirelessly. Just place the headphones on top of a Qi
Charging Pad, which you’d have to buy separately, or a smartphone with reverse
charging feature to begin the process. Marshall noted that you just need to
charge the device wirelessly for 15 minutes to get 15 hours of music playback,
which is pretty impressive.

Marshall Major IV Philippines Review

Marshall Major IV Technical Specifications for Audio Geeks

Transducer: 40mm, Dynamic

Frequence Range: 20Hz to 20KHz

Impedance: 30 Ohm

Sensitivity: 99 dB SPL (100mV @ 1KHz)

Verdict and Recommendation

Marshall Major IV brings all the strengths of its best-selling predecessors
to a higher and more refined level. Honestly, this is my favorite wireless
headphones currently and it made me fall in love with music-listening
experience all over again.

From its legendary design all the way to the signature sound quality, from 80+
hours of battery life to the highly intuitive ergonomics, Marshall Major IV is
a pair of headphones that you will be proud to own and one that your
loved one will surely appreciate receiving as a present. I highly recommend

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