Pinoy NASA engineer thanks Baguio teachers for molding him to love Math and Science ~ WowCordillera

Photo Courtesy || Saint Louis University

Cordillera – A Filipino engineer who played a key role in ensuring
Perseverance rover safe landing on Mars was educated in Baguio city during
his high school life. 

Gregorio Villar said in an interview with Teleradyo on Friday that he was a
high-schooler in Baguio who was very good at math and science.

“I was a high-schooler in Baguio City. I was very good at math and science.
I was a big nerd. Still a nerd. That’s not a bad thing ’cause nerds rule the
world now,” Villar said. 

The 33-year old NASA engineer said part of him to pursue his journey to
work in NASA is because of his teachers at the Saint Louis University –
Laboratory High School in Baguio. 

“I thank part of my education in the Philippines for that. I studied so
much in the Philippines, my foundation in math and physics because of my
teachers there in high school,” he said. 

Villar said becoming an astronaut and going to space has always been his

“The dream is to go to space someday, maybe even Mars,” Villar added.

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